Molemo ‘Jub Jub’ Maarohanye’s rape case postponed

The rape case against Uyajola 9/9 presenter Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye will be back in court after 42 days. This comes after the 43-year-old’s lawyer, Terrence Ntsako Baloyi, requested an extension before the court to revise his client’s documents.

Maarohanye faces three charges of rape, two of attempted murder, and one of assault.

He is out on R10,000 bail following his arrest in July 2023 after he handed himself over to the police in Brixton.

Matter adjourned to April 23rd

Johannesburg magistrate’s court presiding officer Agnes Khumalo approved Baloyi’s request to adjourn the matter until April 23.

The Ndikhokhele hitmaker made a brief appearance before the Johannesburg magistrate’s court on Tuesday. He wore a green two-piece ensemble, a white T-shirt, and matching white sneakers.

Some of his bail conditions included that he should not communicate with the victims or the complainants. He is also not to attempt to be in contact with them.

TV personality Amanda du-Pont is one of the four complainants in this case. Du-Pont accuses Maarohanye of raping her repeatedly during their two-year relationship.

The state witnesses include Maarohanye’s baby-mama Kelly Khumalo’s mother, Ntombi Khumalo. Also as state witness is Masechaba Khumalo’s friend and Du-Pont’s younger sister.

On December 11, Maarohanye’s lawyers requested that the case be postponed. Reasons given were for them to go through additional information they had received from the state.

Podcast interview started it all

Maarohanye’s woes started in 2021 when he revealed details about his sexual encounters with a number of women. This he did on MacGyver “MacG” Mukwevho’s controversial  Podcast and Chill.

The recording artist told MacG that he had “smashed” Du-Pont.

In 2023, Du-Pont, the former Muvhango actress, told the police that Maarohanyane raped her several times. She said sometimes the rapes happened in the presence of her sisters. This while they (she and Maarohanye) were dating almost two decades ago.

She further claimed that Maarohanyane choked and suffocated her until she lost consciousness. This happened during one of their violent domestic fights, she said.

These claims were made by Du-Pont in a statement she gave to the police prior to their November trial in the Johannesburg magistrate’s court.

Series of violent rape incidents

Du-Pont claimed in the statement that Maarohanyane first raped her in 2007 at her Auckland Park apartment. The incident happened after she rejected his sexual advances because she did not want to have sex before marriage. 

She said that after the rape ordeal, the rapper visited her and asked to have sex with her. When she refused, he raped her again.

She claimed that in the same year (2007), her 11-year-old sister was sharing a bed with her. Her younger sister was sleeping on the floor of her flat.

She claimed that Maarohanyane, who was in the apartment, leaped onto her bed and sexually assaulted her in the presence of her sisters.

In 2008, du Pont claimed that despite these incidents of rape, she and Maarohanyane moved in together. They lived together in a house in Bassonia, south of Johannesburg. They stayed for a while until he sexually assaulted her once more.

Later in the year, Du-Pont claimed to have become pregnant with Maarohanyane’s child but  aborted it.

Wanted to take own life

“She said she could not cope any longer and wanted to take her own life by overdosing on pills,” said the police.

Later that year, she claimed she was sitting on the bed, holding a plate of food, and fidgeting with her cellphone. Maarohanyane walked in, smacked the plate out of her, and punched her after accusing her of cheating.

“He then put his hands on her neck, choked, and suffocated her until she could not breathe anymore and blacked out,” added the cop.

After the incident, she kicked him. When he fell, she ran out of the house and reported him to the police at the Mondeor police station.

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