Murder accused Thabo Bester is fed unhealthy food in jail – lawyer

Despite having disclosed his diabetes, Thabo Bester’s attorney, Mohammed Seedat, has asserted that his client is given food that is unhealthy for a diabetic.

This came to light on Wednesday during Thabo Bester’s pre-trial appearance in the high court in Bloemfontein, Free State.

According to Seedat, his client was served food that was high in sugar and carbohydrates, and he felt that this type of food was inappropriate to serve to a diabetic.

Food is not conducive for a diabetic

“My request is that my client receive food that is conducive to diabetes. They are not high in sugar, and they are diabetic-tolerant,” said Seedat.

Additionally, he asserted that Bester has allegedly been refused phone access, even when he wishes to contact his attorney.

He claimed that the incident also occurred on Tuesday, the day before Bester was scheduled to appear in court, during which he was prohibited from calling his lawyers.

Bester should be permitted to make calls, at least to his legal representatives, according to Seedat, who suggested a clear order dictating this.

“There is also an aspect of clothes whereby my client has been denied access to his own clothing, even for purposes of coming to this court.”

Following the withdrawal of the majority of the representatives, the pre-trial for Thabo Bester’s escape was postponed.

Case postponed to June 5

Prosecutor Amanda Bester stated that the case should be moved to June 5, allowing enough time for the new lawyers to undergo background checks.

“The legal representatives must collect copies of the dockets before or on March 29, 2024; after this, the DPP [director of public prosecutions] will hand over the contents of the dockets to them as soon as we receive proof of payment,” said the prosecutor.

“I can confirm that we already made the copies in that regard, so they are available. I undertake that if I receive any new statements, I will inform them accordingly and provide that to them.”

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