The appointment of first woman AG is proof that women struggle was not in vain

Dr Robert ‘Mugabe’ Ngwenya believes that Tsakani Maluleke’s appointment as first woman Auditor General does not only warrant celebrations, but deserves to be applauded because it is historical.

There is a pervasive narrow perception about the role of women in all walks of life as being that of a  second fiddle. We must ask who has accorded man the role of the first fiddle?  Some have designated the kitchen as a logical destination for women efforts and quests in life. To this end, history has connived with these men to depict women as some form of caricature unworthy of self appreciation and self worth.

On Friday, when the Presidency announced the appointment of Tsakani Maluleke, the first woman Auditor General to fill the shoes of a the late Kimi Makwetu, our jejune moments became that of joy as we remembered and saw what the Lilian Ngoyis, the Ruth Firsts, the Charlotte Maxekes, the Winnie Mandelas and Albertina Sisulus of this world fought for come to fruition.

More and more, on daily basis, whether we notice or not, the world as it unfolds, destroys all history misteachings that the role of woman of the world is limited and must be confined to pots and teaspoons. The hand that rocks the cradle is ready to rule the world and any backward thought contrary to that fact makes any man a dull boy.

When women like Minister Lindiwe Zulu used an AK-47 as their pillow, when they denied themselves time and opportunity to mother their children and give birth to more children, the world then saw them as uncultured and having abandoned their role in the kitchen as women. Little did the world know that they were doing it for other women. They did so so that women like Tsakani may rise. That their worth should not be associated with the skirts nor stilettos they wear but the abilities of their brains.

Lindiwe led from the front. She herself is leading a department whose role is to give hope to the poor, uplift our community and develop our society. A department whose role is to ensure that the nation do not go to bed hungry. Above all, a department whose role is to relieve burden of raising children on our women and men alike.

Another one of the leading figures in the quest to raise the flag of woman excellence in politics is Minister Lindiwe Sisulu. As a longest serving member of cabinet, she has  held several very senior ministerial positions with distinction and felicity.

Her male  detractors have tried in vain to bring her down and sully her good name. Her responsibility in the amalgamated position of Water, Sanitation and Human Settlements have shown her stride and her competency to the envy of man

What we thought to be just a recitation of women, “You strike a woman, you strike a rock”, is proving to be true in front of us. The resolutions of a ruling party and many other political formations about the emancipation of woman has became more urgent than before and government is responding accordingly.

As men, like in any situation where change has resistance, we have a duty to unchain ourselves from what history has falsely implanted in our heads and appreciate that the struggle for women to be on equal footing with men is won and that the Adelaide Tambos, the Winnie Mandela, the Thuliswa Winlove Nkabinde-Khawes are smiling in their graves.

They smile because their struggle was not in vain, women are beginning to occupy significant senior positions in all facets in this life.

Indeed, wathintha abafazi, wathinth’imbokodo. The appointment of Tsakani Maluleke must be seen as the progression of the 1994 achievements. Her rise must make every woman rise and with confidence shout and say.. It is indeed possible. The world is ready for us and we too are ready.

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