SA’s policy certainty bearing fruit

Johannesburg-The year 2018 was a turning point for this country’s position on the world investment stage. The talk shops came to an end and dedicated government personnel put themselves on the front line to change the narrative about investment into South Africa.

The country wanted the world to know that their investments are sustainable and that the investments will grow.

The government put together a team of specially appointed investment envoys, private and public stakeholders, and partners from around the world to achieve a long-term goal that many would consider impossible. Thanks to the continued efforts of this country, Africa, and the world, it seems much less impossible as more and more strides are made.

A cornerstone of South Africa’s drive for economic growth has been its partnership with China over the last two decades. China’s diplomatic relations with South Africa over the past 20 years have seen China become South Africa’s largest trading partner, and South Africa become China’s largest African trading partner.

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