‘Real Housewives’ drama not confined to TV screens

Real Housewives of Johannesburg reality star Brinnette Seopela is contemplating taking legal action against costar Lethabo Mathatho.

She is demanding an immediate apology for her “defamation comments”. The two took their drama to the streets as they had a heated confrontation at the Glamour Women of the Year awards at Melrose Arch, Joburg last Saturday.’

For the past couple of episodes they’ve been spreading lies about me

Sunday World has learnt that Seopela was unhappy with a comment Mathatho made during an episode of the show that aired on November 23.

 Lethabo Mathatho

According to a source close to Seopela, she was upset because Mathatho had brought up a personal issue that was not related to the content. “Brinnette asked about Lebo Gunguluza, about his friend’s finances,” said Mathatho during the show.

A witness to the heated confrontation and reliable source said: “She [Brinnette] saw Lethabo and asked her why she lied about her having asked about someone else’s nances because she didn’t.

“Lethabo had no answer but wanted them to talk outside the awards venue,” explained the source.

According to the mole, Seopela was beyond livid about how her co-star was trying to “create” content on the show using her name.

“She said, ‘you can’t be using content that is not valid and not there’.”

Speaking to Sunday World this week, Seopela said she was “extremely shocked and hurt by the fact that people can spend an entire episode gossiping about an individual… and talking absolute nothing but rubbish about someone they don’t even know personally”.

Some of the episodes have been laden with rumours about Seopela, who recently went through an ugly divorce from Themba Gezane.

The other women gossiped about how Seopela married for money and not love. “For the past couple of episodes all they’ve been doing is spreading lies about me, and intentionally trying to harm me as a brand,” she said.

Mathatho, who was sent a list of questions by Sunday World, said: “No comment, let’s all wait for the reunion for clarification.”

But Seopela is demanding an immediate apology from Mathatho, who joined the show this year as a newbie.

“She should definitely apologise through all media platforms, be it on print, radio, I don’t care…. I feel that I deserve an apology, even though the apology will not reverse the damage caused to my reputation, so much that I’m considering taking legal action against them,” she explained.

The show’s producer, former actress Sonia Mbele, bluntly declined to comment.

“Please tell her to watch the reunion… everything will be clarified there,” said Mbele.

By Nokuthula Zwane

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