Socialite Edith Venter’s empire crumbles

Socialite Edith Venter, known for hosting events that were the talk of town, has had a fallout with one of the companies she does work for.

This is after her events company, Venter Promotions, failed to pay back Whirlpool, distributors of KIC.

According to sources close to the situation, Venter’s problems started in May 2019, after Whirlpool paid R800 000 to her company to organise an event.

However, the event did not take place resulting in Whirlpool cancelling the sponsorship agreement with Venter’s company. She was forced to pay back the money, but she still owes R231 000, plus legal fees.

This week a court ruled in favour of Whirlpool and issued a provisional order for the winding-up of Edith Venter Promotions.

The judgment also saw Venter Promotions placed under provisional liquidation. “The respondent (Venter Promotions) in this case made no allegation that it was either factually or commercially solvent.

Most significantly, as previously mentioned, the underlying debt, giving rise to the application for the winding up of the respondent, was not in dispute.

Indeed, it was admitted by the respondent in the settlement agreement, which it
neglected or failed to honour,” the judgment read.

One source whispered to Sunday World that the former A-class celebrity is under a lot of pressure.

“She is having so much stress because of this ruling.

She has lost a lot of money on legal fees and now she lost the case. Her fortunes have dwindled over the years and this case has added salt in an already gaping wound.

“She is so embarrassed by the situation she finds herself in.”

Another source said the whole Whirlpool situation had affected her business image and as a result she had lost other clients.

Venter declined to comment.

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