Folks, no room for bad habits in the new year

Johannesburg – It has been pouring almost daily in Gauteng. In Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, the rains have been so heavy that floods destroyed roads, homes and schools, displacing thousands of people.

The rain, though welcomed, has been heavy and in some instances, as in the ones cited, destructive. Why then would people in some homes, complexes and estates still have their sprinklers on? Aft er a downpour the sprinklers, which are clearly still on auto, waste a very scarce resource – H2O.

This is the first category of behaviour that annoys the bejesus out of me. Related to this category are people who light up their homes as if it is Christmas.

Sure, the lights are lovely, but in the current environment of load reduction, rotational load-shedding and generators breaking down willy-nilly, why waste power by switching on all the lights in your home?

The third category is the one that plagues our roads and is likely to make your heart stop. One wonders how many close calls and actual accidents have happened as a result of this behaviour.


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