Sensational Naledi embraces mama’s love beyond the grave

Social media sensation Naledi Aphiwe Myongwane, who has since become an overnight celebrity, attributes her sudden fame to her departed mother.

The 17-year-old, a resident of Inanda situated 21km north-west of Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, took South Africa by storm after her voice was sampled in American R&B superstar Chris Brown‘s latest offering 11:11, which was released on Friday.

Naledi’s rendition of Ubaba Ulala Nami, loosely translated as my father is raping me, has exploded across the country.

The Zulu traditional song tells a story of a young girl who seeks refuge because her father violates her sexually, however, her mother continuously turns a blind eye to her cries.

The rendition received a nod from Brown, and it was subsequently infused into his song Shooter, which is part of a 22-track album.

Social media views

Naledi admits that she had no idea that the undiluted version of the Zulu song would receive massive views on social media.

“We were just being silly and naughty as school kids usually do, singing and causing menace,” explained the grade 11 pupil.

“Singing is what would keep us occupied whenever there is no teacher in class. One of the teachers walked in while the class was on full blast singing, and we immediately stopped.” 

She said instead of chastising them, the teacher encouraged them to keep on singing.

“This is when some of my classmates said I should lead a song as I would usually do. The teacher, meanwhile, filmed the episode.

“It was then posted on social media and the rest is history.”

Naledi, who has six siblings, somehow believes that her late mother is providing the light for her to shine.

For the sample, Brown’s company has offered $3 000 (R55 000 at current rand/dollar exchange rate) to Naledi.

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