This course helps spark new ideas and concepts that entrepreneurs may not have thought of.

My name is David Mokone and I am the founder of a company called Something Better Productions. We are a platform and aggregator for local artists in South Africa, and we help them organise recording, mixing, and mastering, as well as content creation and marketing strategies.

I decided to do the British Council’s Creative Economy E-Learning Programme because knowledge is power. Information, especially as a young person, is imperative to being a good leader. Also, as an entrepreneur in the creative sector, taking part in a course tailor-made for creatives really appealed to me.

Looking back on the course, I’d say that the ‘personal values’ aspect really made me think about who I am and what my values are as a creative entrepreneur. The marketing module is also fruitful due to the value and quality of information available.

Overall, I believe the course has helped me to structure my business more efficiently and has helped to remove a lot of the clutter. It’s also helped me discard a lot of my own self-doubt, as you get to focus on practical tools that help to build a stable business, like money management.

I would definitely recommend this course because it’s geared towards helping a freelancer or creative entrepreneur like myself to understand the bigger world of business and the role I have to play within it. It really helps spark new ideas and concepts in entrepreneurs that they may not have thought of. Sometimes, as creatives, we get stuck in our own little world and our own little way of doing things, so this course will definitely unlock the hidden gems and the potential of creatives and freelancers.

Using the knowledge and tools from the Creative Economy E-Learning programme, I’ll be able to achieve my own ambition for my business – which is to make a difference. I’ve found that the music industry can be jaded sometimes – it almost seems as if information is being used to oppress and not unlock potential. I’m really aiming to free the creativity of local South African artists by giving them direct support and relevant knowledge that will help them grow and become the kind of artists they should be.

To gain valuable free insight and learning from the British Council with useful advice on how to manage your finances, market your product, and communicate with your customers visit the British Council’s Creative Economy E-Learning Programme platform.

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