Sukazi willing to lead PSL

Ambitious TS Galaxy owner Tim Sukazi, a successful corporatelawyer, said he will be keen to take over the PSL as chairperson one day.

“If called upon, yes. Maybe a board like that or even the executive committee would make good use of a person of my calibre,” Sukazi told Sunday World ahead of today’s flurry of events where the club will introduce players to the Ndebele King.

“My involvement in football is well-documented. Over and above, I did not do short cuts, I’m a corporate and commercial lawyer and that is rare in that [PSL] committee.

“Football is now a commercial business and I have the required qualifications, I specialise in commercial law. But it’s not for me to decide that. If people see the need and call up my name, I’m willing to come in and add value. If that does not happen, it’s still okay because TS Galaxy is a massive project,” Sukazi added.

After causing one of the biggest upsets in the history of SA football by defeating Kaizer Chiefs in the final of the 2019 Nedbank Cup, a lot will be expected in the PSL from the Mpumalanga club.

“We are going to give the PSL the respect that it deserves. After the Nedbank Cup success, we decided that we needed to take the club to the next level. We have set the bar extremely high, people will expect nothing but excellence from TS Galaxy.”

What sets them apart from other clubs, according to Sukazi, is they have the exuberance of youth and that they are here to change the narrative of the local game. He is also under no illusion that you need deep pockets to compete with the big boys.

“We bought the status and that shows that we are strong financially, otherwise we would not have invested in this way.
Having said that, any form of financial assistance or sponsorship will help the club to grow. We believe we are a different preposition.

“We come with new ideas. We are vibrant, youth-driven and we want to change the running of football in the country. Our management structure is dictated by our own situation – realists and practical in our approach.”

“The Rockets” main home ground will be Mbombela Stadium because it’s the only stadium in the province that meets the PSL criteria. An alternative venue is Ellis Park.

“The club is the pride of the people of KwaNdebele and
Mpumalanga. People from this region do not have a professional club and they are very emotional about the club.

“You saw all the Ndebele colours and regalia in Durban
during the final.

“We have got an impressive marketing team that works extremely hard and you will see by bums on seats. As we speak, the Tembisile municipality has issued a tender for the upgrade of the KwaMhlanga Stadium and I am sure JS Moroka municipality will follow soon with the Kameelrivier Stadium.”

In terms of the playing personnel, they have about 32
players, having retained some from Highlands Park in order not to undermine their rules.

“We have brought some good reinforcements and all the players will be announced today when we take the team to ebukhosini esgodlweni. No
other team does this. We do this for our people.”

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