Author: Mongadi Mafata



Reach out to your creditors if your financial burden gets too heavy

As expected, the Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee increased the repo rate this week, resulting in more financial burden for hard-pressed South African... Read more.
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Ponzi and pyramid schemes target windfall-seeking consumers

cargeted group and end up parting with their pensions in the hope of more riches by sweet-talking swindlers who push Ponzi or pyramid schemes. The South African... Read more.
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To suffering consumers: budgeting can ease those rate-hike blues

There’s no hiding place for consumers who are being lashed from all sides as a result of rising interest rates, sky-high prices of basic foodstuff and constan... Read more.

Repo rate: Fasten purse strings and prepare for bumpy ride

With galloping inflation, the debate among economists is by how much will the Reserve Bank’s monetary policy committee (MPC) increase the repo rate on Thursda... Read more.

Saving for a rainy day: the lowdown on an essential emergency fund

There are no guarantees in life and our best-made plans can unravel as a result of an emergency, resulting in our finances taking a serious knock. The shock bec... Read more.