#MohaleConfessions: Fergusons dragged into Somhale’s meltdown

Johannesburg – Media moguls and television actors Connie and the late Shona Ferguson have been scripted into Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung’s separation drama.

In a recorded interview with producers of Living The Dream With Somizi, Motaung is heard saying Mhlongo, who was egged on by his then friend TT Mbha, sabotaged his plans to work with the Fergusons, who produce The Queen and Rockville, among others.

He said the sabotage could have been caused by Mhlongo’s inferiority complex or lack of trust in him after he cheated on him.

He said he was hurt Mhlongo didn’t want him to work with certain people including the Fergusons because he was worried he would make new friends at workplace.

“There was a point where I was speaking with the Fergusons. I was speaking with Connie and all of a sudden, uhm, she stops speaking to me. Two years later, which is last year, I found out that TT went to them and told them not to give me a job,” he said.


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Motaung, said he confronted Mhlongo about the matter and the actor immediately confronted Mbha about it.

He said the confrontation between Mhlongo and Mbha ended their bromance which dated back to more than five years.

“I figured that Somizi probably told TT to go and tell the Fergusons not to give me a job because he is the only person I spoke to about the conversation I had with Connie and Shona. So there has been quite a lot of opportunities that I have been missing simply because he would either make sure that I don’t get them or he would say to me that I shouldn’t go for them or mention that I’m working too hard and I’m not focusing on the relationship. So that kind of put me in a difficult spot because I’m young and I’m trying to build so much and so hard and he is not liking it,“ he said.

Apparently Mhlongo’s inferiority complex could have been caused by Motaung’s previous romantic entanglement with another person.


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He said when he started dating Mhlongo he was still involved in a dalliance with another lover.

“ I hadn’t ended my relationship with this person when I got in this relationship with him. When I got in this relationship I still had this lingering thing with this person… I didn’t break it off and he found out that I was still busy with this person,” he said.

*Click here to listen to the full recordings of the interview of Mohale Motaung with the producers of Living the Dream with Somizi. 

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