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Keitumetse Segaetsho

Youth in Business

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Glen Radio

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Keitumetse Segaetsho’s vision and passion to have her own radio station unlocked opportunities for her peers in Protea Glen, Soweto This 21-year-old CEO and programmes manager started her internet radio station in 2019 with the purpose of empowering youngsters in her community by giving them a platform to learn about production, broadcasting and advertising through creating jobs. “I give youngsters an opportunity to participate in various dynamics that make good radio and I work towards ensuring that we sustain the business commercially. Based on my contribution to the community, I strive to make Glen Radio a useful platform for sharing information for our people,” says Segaetsho. Glen Radio also promotes local talent through music on its playlist and profiles aspirant entrepreneurs and artists to share their stories in an attempt to inspire others. She also plans to run radio presenting classes in order to train students for a future in radio.


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