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Masonwabe Fuma

Youth in Business

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Africa Cooperatives Institute of South Africa

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Masonwabe Fuma, 27, from Soweto in Johannesburg, is a dedicated builder of sustainable grassroots cooperatives and community-based enterprises through providing them with essential digital skills to market their goods and services. Fuma is a co-founder together with two other colleagues of Africa Cooperatives Institute of South Africa (ACI-SA), which trains co-operatives members to acquire digital marketing skills so they can make it in a fast-changing world where technology plays a key role in the distribution and sale of products and services. At ACI-SA, which was formed in 2017, Fuma is the associate director of marketing and communications. “We are a community of academics interested in combining academic training, vocational skills development and graduate placement in the community enterprises in order to improve the performance of the sector,” Fuma says. Under the ACI-SA banner, there is an online store called AfriCo Online, an online marketplace for cooperatives in South Africa.


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