Ngizwe Mchunu changes tune on threats to disrupt EFF’s rally

Controversial radio personality and sangoma Ngizwe Mchunu has backtracked on his threats to stop the Economic Freedom Fighters’ manifesto launch at Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban on February 10, 2024.

Instead, the former Ukhozi FM presenter has declared that he will hold a counter-event on the same day. He calls the event a “cultural carnival”. It will take place on the same day as Julius Malema’s rally.

Cultural carnival

Mchunu said: “I have decided to stage a cultural carnival for the Bhinca nation. I know most of them will attend the carnival instead of a political gathering. The decision is not based on threats to my life or whatsover.”

Mchunu and the EFF have been butting heads lately. The former radio motormouth had his press conference disrupted by EFF members last week.
The party’s members were captured in a viral video dragging and kicking chairs, tables, and cameras into the floor. This was in a bid to interrupt the proceedings.
Assault case against disruptors

Mchunu has since opened a case of assault against the men who attacked him.
However, EFF provincial spokesperson Mazwi Blose, has denied that he was at the forefront of the disruptions. This is despite the evidence showing he was.

“There’s no video where I appear to be entering. Social media allegations and fabrications must not be misread as facts. I have not been charged with anything, so I am unaware of any charge, said Blose.

Mchunu’s press conference was to provide a resolution on the current status quo of the programme on February 10.

Cat-and-mouse feud

The cat-and-mouse fight between Mchunu and the EFF has set tongues wagging.

In December, while addressing the media at Kwa Mai Mai in Joburg, Mchunu warned Malema against setting foot at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban.

Mchunu had said that Malema and the EFF would not be welcome in KZN for their manifesto launch, as he was the gatekeeper of the province. He said Malema should launch his party manifesto in Limpopo, where his ancestors would listen to him.

Threats intensified

“You can only bring Shangane people here; no Zulu person will attend his event at Moses Mabhida Stadium, Mchunu said then.

Mchunu said Malema will only stage the rally at the KwaZulu-Natal venue if Mchunu is no longer around.

“Change the venue, Mfana (boy). Uyongena ngifile (you’ll access the stadium when I’m dead),” said Mchunu, crossing his fingers.

However, the press conference ended without Mchunu elaborating on what he meant by what he had in store to stop Malema.

Accuses Malema of ‘spoiling his food’

He also accused Malema of literally soiling his (Mchunu’s) plate of food while he was eating.

He was referring to the decision by JAC Motors in Port Shepstone to end his vehicle sponsorship deal following pressure from the Economic Freedom Fighters’. This was after the party accused him of perpetrating tribalism.

Malema threw a stinging jab when he referred to Mchunu as a “small boy.”. He was directly reacting to Mchunu’s threats to stop the loquacious leader from staging his party’s manifesto at one of KZN’s landmarks.

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