Whatever happened to trust and right to privacy?

Numerous industries exist worldwide, with each carrying its own set of consequences. The sex industry is one. Our perceptions differ greatly, with some condemning it as shameful. Yet it serves as a means of sustenance, and a lifeline out of poverty for many families.

Today many have turned to social media to promote their sexual services, boldly displaying their genitalia without reservation. It has become commonplace.

Take for instance X (formerly Twitter). I find it impossible to open this app in public while maintaining my composure. Within moments of scrolling down, I am bombarded with requests for leaked sex tapes.

While some may argue that this is the algorithm showing me what I want to see, I disagree.

I have no interest in watching people brandishing their genitalia on X. There are dedicated pornographic websites for such content.

Unfortunately, I find myself following individuals who occasionally share this type of content, and it’s something I cannot control.

This week, there was a leaked video of famous rapper Drake exposing his genitalia. Similarly, during the same period, another video emerged showing a woman engaging in explicit acts of self-pleasure in a lavatory.

I won’t delve into preaching about how our bodies are likened to the temple of God and should be revered as such. Everyone possesses the right to do as they please with their bodies.

I’m troubled by how the internet can tarnish people’s reputations. In South Africa, even senior politicians and renowned musicians have been exposed engaging in private acts.

Whatever happened to trust and the right to privacy?

While some people may record themselves and feel inclined to share with their partners, it’s appalling to consider the betrayal of trust involved in leaking someone’s intimate video without consent.

Have you no sense of shame or even a modicum of integrity remaining to safeguard someone else’s reputation?

I must say, “love them all but trust no one”.

Last week I attended author Jackie Phamotse’s defamation case brought by former Miss SA Basetsana Kumalo and her husband. Phamotse is in trouble because of a post she posted on X in 2018 about a compromising video of the Kumalos and someone else whose name was not mentioned.

To cut to the chase, she was found guilty and is now awaiting sentencing. During her last appearance, the prosecutor lined up social media law expert Emma Sadleir. She was seated next to me carrying a file on the case and two novels, Selfies, Sexts and Smartphones and Don’t FilmYourself Having Sex.

Invest in these two books for your children. You will thank me later.

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