MKP founder Jabulani Khumalo not going down without a fight

Jabulani Khumalo, the under-siege founder of the uMkhonto weSizwe Party (MKP), is not going down without a fight.

Khumalo wants the Independent Electoral Commission to remove former president Jacob Zuma as the face of the party and president.

“I write to you in my capacity as the president of MKP. This is to request the immediate removal of Mr Zuma’s name as the face of MKP and president of MKP,” wrote Khumalo in a letter dated May 5. 

In the letter, Khumalo also concedes that prior to registering the ANC splinter grouping, he had consulted with Zuma, from whom he sought advice on the new formation.

Party aligned with ANC brand

He said the name uMkhonto weSizwe was Zuma‘s idea because the plan was to establish a political party closely aligned with the ANC in terms of brand visibility.

“During those consultations, Mr Zuma proposed that any name of the party should be aligned with the ANC because there are too many political parties and the brand of the ANC is entrenched within the public and the population.” 

He accused the former stateman of trying to hijack the political party and throwing him out on the periphery. 

He wrote: “In the circumstances, I request urgently that the electoral commission remove Mr Zuma’s name as the face of the MKP. He should be immediately removed as president.

“He occupies both positions through fraudulent and illegal manoeuvres. The interim executive will be taking steps immediately to address the conduct of Mr Zuma.”

Khumalo’s tirade comes a week after he was expelled from the party on allegations that, together with other senior leaders, he was working with outside forces to infiltrate the MKP.

As the party, branded around the cult figure of Zuma, implodes, Khumalo insists that he is still the president of the new formation.

In the letter, he also laments the breakdown in relations with Zuma, whom he considered his friend.

Khumalo takes swipe at Zuma’s daughter

He also takes issue with Zuma’s daughter, Duduzile, whom he claims had been out on a crusade to tarnish his name. 

The MKP was registered with the IEC in September 2023, and it was officially launched on December 16.

According to Khumalo, Zuma came up with the idea to time this with the formation of the ANC’s former military wing, uMkhonto weSizwe.

The defunct military wing of the ANC was founded by former president Nelson Mandela and struggle stalwart Walter Sisulu, among others, on December 16 1961.

Attempts to obtain a comment from Khumalo were fruitless.

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