Minister Kodwa ordered to withdraw new BSA board appointment

Minister of sports, arts and culture Zizi Kodwa has been ordered by the court to withdraw and revoke his appointment of the new seven-member Boxing South Africa (BSA) board. This is pending the finalisation of a court matter to determine the legality of the appointment of the new board.

NPBPA challenges legality of new board 

This ruling, dated December 14 2023, was delivered by the North Gauteng high court in Pretoria by judge AJ De Vos. 

The ruling comes in the wake of an urgent court application brought by the National Professional Boxing Promoter’s Association (NPBPA). NPBPA a court action against Kodwa, BSA and the seven members of the newly appointed BSA board. It challenged the legality of the new board appointment.

Kodwa and BSA are cited as the first and second respondents in the matter, respectively. The seven new board members are cited as the third to the ninth respondents in the matter.

In their urgent court application (Part A), the NPBPA sought an interim relief interdicting the new BSA board members from assuming their duties on December 12. It also prayed to the court to order Kodwa to withdraw the appointment of the new BSA board.

Seeks to stop new appointments pending application

The group of promoters also sought to interdict Kodwa from appointing any new BSA board pending a court hearing of Part B of the application.

Part B of the application entails the court listening to arguments as to whether the appointment of the new BSA board was lawful.

In its court papers, the NPBPA argues that the appointment of the new BSA board by Kodwa in November was unlawful. It says this is because the minister did not consult with the NPBPA before appointing the new BSA executive leadership.

In November, Kodwa appointed a new seven-member BSA board. The new board is led by chairperson Sifiso Shongwe. Its executive members are Sakhiwo Sodo, Romy Titus, Luxolo September, Nande Mheshe, Princess Nongoma and Dr Mary-Gene Manthata-Setati.

They were appointed for a term of three years, starting from December 12 2023 to December 11 in 2026.

Relief granted

In his judgement, De Vos granted the NPBPA their interim relief request. 

“That the first respondent [Kodwa] be further interdicted and ordered to withdraw and revoke his appointment of the third to the ninth respondent … as members of the board for [BSA],” said De Vos.

De Vos said the seven new board members are interdicted from participating in any functions as board member of BSA.

Interdict put in place

“The third respondent to the ninth respondent are hereby interdicted from attending to the offices of the second respondent (BSA). This is under the purport of being a director, and/or board member of BSA. [They are also] interdicted from convening any meetings of the board of BSA. [Members are further] interdicted from conducting any media interviews as members of the board of BSA. [They are also] interdicted from giving any instructions to the employees of BSA….,” said De Vos.

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