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Dr Anele Mayekiso

University of Limpopo

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Agriculture Lecturer at the University of Limpopo

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With a strong passion for rural development and rural livelihoods, natural resource economics, and food security, Dr Anele Mayekiso could not think twice when choosing to specialise in agricultural economics. From a small town of Libode in the Eastern Cape Province, Dr Mayekiso says she has always been passionate about agriculture “because at home we grew up producing our vegetables where sometimes the produce was sold to generate income so that other households’ needs could be maintained.” Dr Mayekiso’s research interests began after she completed her undergraduate studies as an intern at Walter Sisulu University under the South African Research Chairs Initiative (SARChI): Indigenous Knowledge System (IKS). Shen then served as a junior researcher and assistant researcher at different institutes.


University of Limpopo

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