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Dr Obey Dzomonda

University of Limpopo

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Research Associate at the University of Limpopo

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Growing up in Zimbabwe’s rural districts, where people thrived on subsistence farming and gold panning, may have sparked Dr Obey Dzomonda’s entrepreneurial spirit. Furthermore, losing his father, as a breadwinner when in Grade 2, was a defining milestone for him, as he had to attend school barefoot and without a uniform. “I still managed to get outstanding grades and from that point, I never looked back as I continued being an excellent student which saw me collecting all the awards that came my way from primary until university,” says Dr Dzomonda. He is thankful for his mother, whom he refers to as a heroine. He is now proud to have published 23 articles in accredited journals, with research interests in Entrepreneurship, Strategy, and Sustainability. Dr Dzomonda also holds a Master of Commerce and BCom Honours both from UL, and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Business Development (awarded by the USAID in collaboration with the MasterCard Foundation and UNISA sponsored by former U.S President Barack Obama).


University of Limpopo

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