Khanyisa Damoyi

Eastern Cape Sunday Heroes

Nominee's Province:
Eastern Cape


Project Name/Description:
Donate A Book Foundation

More info:

Coming from Engcobo in the Eastern Cape, Khanyisa Damoyi, 25, is an energetic young woman who works hard to ensure that children in her community secure a better future through education. Through her organisation, Young Minds, which she founded in 2019, Damoyi collects books from other people, organisations and institutions to donate to rural Eastern Cape schools, so that learners could enhance their reading skills as part of their early childhood development. She also rallies to get computers donated to these rural schools. Additionally, Damoyi is a student activist who has been at the forefront in the fight against financial exclusion of students at institutions of higher learning. She believes free tertiary education is a basic right. ā€œIā€™d like to be an inspiration to many young people and to make sure that my presence is felt through my hard work and dedication to youth leadership,ā€ Damoyi says.


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