Kwanele Mduba

Eastern Cape Sunday Heroes

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Eastern Cape


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Online Stats Tutorials

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Kwanele Mduba from Whittlesea in the Eastern Cape is a natural-born teacher and an unsung young hero in academia. When he noticed students struggling with statistics, Mduba was inspired to create a YouTube channel to offer free online tutorials. His online classes started in 2019 and, so far, he has helped thousands of students at institutions of higher learning and in high schools. To record his tutorials, Mduba simply finds an empty room at home and, using his cellphone, presents “a certain chapter as if someone is there listening”. The resultant videos may look basic but they are highly effective. “A significant proportion of my students pass with distinction,” Mduba says. Once in a while, he teaches accounting for marketers. This year, Mduba graduated from Walter Sisulu University in East London (Buffalo City Campus) where he studied B-Tech in Marketing (now referred to as an advanced diploma). He dreams of obtaining a PhD in marketing so he could become a marketing research analyst, hence his passion for statistics and its wide application in society. “Statistics can help to predict unknown values such as measuring unemployment rate, homeless children, and pass rates of schools to find out top-performing schools.”


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