Sinelizwi Fakade

Eastern Cape Sunday Heroes

Nominee's Province:
Eastern Cape


Project Name/Description:
Ukhanyo Farmer Development

More info:

Born in 1991 in Upper Tabase Administrative Area, Sinelizwi Fakade grew up in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. The 30-year-old is an agriculturist of note, with four degrees under his belt. He has a national diploma in agriculture, a B-Tech degree in agricultural management, a B-Agric Honours in agricultural extension and rural resource management and a Master of Agriculture degree in food security. In 2019, Fakade and 35 young female agricultural graduates formed Ukhanyo Farmer Development, a 100% black-owned non-profit organisation to develop grain and crop commercial black farmers in rural areas. Ukhanyo, of which Fakade is chairman, mentors in 2 000 farms throughout the province. Sixty percent of these farms are run and owned by young female farmers, and vary from small gardens to large commercial lands. “Ukhanyo Farmer Development is an example of what happens when we, young people, take our destiny into our own hands,” Fakade enthuses.


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