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Keabecoe Kershia Michelle Moiloa

Community Youth Heroes

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Keabecoe Moiloa Foundation

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Keabecoe Moiloa has been doing community projects since 2009. She now heads Keabecoe Moiloa Foundation, which she established two years ago. With her foundation, the thirty-four-year-old Moiloa, who resides in Boitshepiville in the Vaal, Gauteng, assists young women in her community through programmes that equip them to become agents of change. She teaches them entrepreneurship strategies such as digital marketing and business skills and assists others to register their businesses. Moiloa also dedicates her time through advocacy campaigns in high schools, where she focuses on gender-based violence and sexual education workshops. “What inspires me is seeing people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds achieving their best through my programmes,” she says. “I believe that the success of the people I help will also benefit a whole lot of others and this is the reason I always look forward to build others to also become an inspiration to many other people.”