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Zaheer Mohamed Moosa

Community Youth Heroes

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Al Hamza Foundation of Light

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Zaheer Mohamed Moosa, 27, is a lawyer from Lenasia, south of Johannesburg, who cares deeply about youth development and opening his heart to others. Moosa is the founder of Al Hamza Foundation of Light, which is named after his son, Hamza. He formed his foundation in 2018 as a vehicle to mentor young footballers who dream of becoming national and international stars. Later, his foundation started doing more outreach work: donating food hampers, clothes, and blankets to the poor as well as assisting destitute youngsters with school fees, medical costs and tertiary fees. As a lawyer, he also started offering pro bono legal assistance to those who could not afford legal costs. Those who benefitted from his projects are in Lenasia, Naledi in Soweto and Sebokeng in the Vaal. He is also a passionate soccer coach; some of the young players he has coached are currently in the youth sides at Wits University, Stars of Africa and Jomo Cosmos. “I see a future in youngsters and the least I could do is to help them get to the top. Both morally and religiously, I have an obligation to assist those who are less privileged. In Islam, there is a hadith which goes to the effect, ‘none of you are a true believer unless you love for your brother what you love for yourself’. As much as we all want the best, we must strive to assist our brothers in the broader sense to achieve the same,” says Moosa.

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