Nelisiwe Mzili

Community Youth Heroes

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Nelisiwe Mzili, 26, saves lives and is passionate about her work. Mzili, who hails from Soweto, enjoys making a difference in people’s lives. “Becoming a paramedic was a calling. Even though our line of work comes with challenges and pressure, I make sure that I commit myself fully to what I do,” says Mzili. The outbreak of Covid-19 was a huge test and a time of great uncertainty. “Since I did not know what to expect, with no experience in treating the virus in a pre-hospital setting, the pressure subsided when the guidelines of safe management of Covid-19 were published. These included wearing the correct personal protective equipment, practising good hygiene in our working environment and washing hands,” she says. Since becoming a paramedic five years ago, she says it’s her passion, honour and the responsibility to care for others that has kept her going. “I inspire others by always displaying a positive attitude in my line of work, loving what I do and maintaining a high level of professionalism with each and every patient I attend to.”